Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pornotopia - Out Now!

Remember how I mentioned that a book of my sexual how-to and other fun articles was coming out?  Well, folks, it's here from the great folks at Xcite books.  How cool is that?

More on this book a little later but just wanted to let everyone know that it's out and available. 

Here's a brief about the book:
Have Your Ever – 

• Wanted to know how to give ideal cunnilingus? 

• Pondered the sexy history of pirates? 

• Needed to know how to give the best blowjob in the world? 

• Wondered how to put some sexy spice into your Halloween? 

• Fancied a few tips on how to ideally, and sensually, play with nipples and breasts? 

• Been curious about the very-kinky sex lives of famous people? 

Then Pornotopia is the book for you! Abundantly irreverent, totally bizarre, and relentlessly fun, Pornotopia will explore the mechanics of everything from giving the perfect blow-job to becoming a master of cunnilingus, from how to give a wonderful caning session to learning how to treat (and sexually mistreat) breasts and nipples, as well as a wide – and witty – assortment of essays and articles about sexy fashion disasters, historical personages of unusual gender, and even the sexual history of pirates and Japanese Samurai! 

Internationally renowned erotica author and sex educator, M. Christian has navigated the sticky, sweaty, steamy and (best of all) fun world of sex to bring to readers both novices as well as the experienced to bring all kinds of playful, and essential, information to light. Even the most jaded of sexual player will find something in Pornotopia – and for the brand-new at sex play Pornotopia will be become an essential resource.

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