Tuesday, September 21, 2010

E.H. Likes Best S/M Erotica Vol. 3

With an extremely heartfelt thanks out to my great pal Jude Mason (who made this happen), here's a great review for Best S/M Erotica Vol 3 by E.H. on the Books N' More site. Thanks, Jude!

With a tag line of “Still More Extreme Stories of Still More Extreme Sex”, I opened the cover of BEST S&M III with a little bit of trepidation. Can you imagine me being a little nervy about delving into a book – well I was.

I was and for two reason, firstly I was not sure if I would appreciate the stories within this anthology, I like BDSM, to be honest I love it – but not the really psychological end of BDSM and from all indication this was going to be that kind of book. Secondly it’s sad to say but the visual person in me was Meh about the cover – once again I am let down by this cover artist and publishing house not taking the chance to do something unique with a cover to draw readers to a book – this was definately a missed opportunity – because the book was good.


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