Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Transgender Erotica: Trans Figures is OUT

-- and I think the wait was well worth it.

Thank you, contributors, for helping create a wonderful anthology:

Patrick Califia
Greg Wharton
Thomas Roche
Linda Rosenkrans
Ann Regentin
Simon Sheppard
Helena Settimana
Raven Kaldera
Annie Sprinkle
William Dean
Jason Rubis
James Williams
Barbara Brown
Chris Jones
Bree Coven
Jean Roberta
R. Greco, Jr.
Raven Gildea
Susan St. Aubin
Roxane Gay
Shaun Levin

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've been Wikipedia'd

Cool. I just wish the write-up about The Bachelor Machine was more accurate. But it's always nice to be thought of.

FILTHY Coming In June

As a early taste of my newest collection, here's the cover for FILTHY: OUTRAGEOUS GAY EROTICA.


Richard Labronte (of BEST GAY EROTICA fame) just sent me his review of RUNNING DRY. Check it out:

Let's see. Vampire bites man. Man becomes vampire. The biter and the bitten are in love. Must be a gay vampire novel. But not just another gay vampire novel. RUNNING DRY is, yes, about vampires. Hardcore vampires. Unless they're passing along the vampire gene, they don't just sip blood - they suck out every sweet empowering ounce of a body's bodily fluids, leaving behind but a dusty husk. Christian, author of hundreds of acclaimed short stories and editor of many fine anthologies, has crafted a brisk combo of decades-arcing romance, contemporary suspense thriller, and original horror story - Doud, the vampire longing for the lover he thinks he's lost forever, is a mysterious artist whose every painting is daubed with the blood of victims he's had to kill in order to survive, a spooky kind of homage. This is a rip-roaring read that ought to come with this warning: don't read the last page before starting the first, then devouring the rest. The book's ending is a shocker, as lives end and another begins. Enough said.