Monday, February 27, 2006

Sage and I Teaching In Sacramento

Sex Sells: Writing & Selling Erotica [520060] For the beginning writer, Erotica can be just the place to start and - best of all - it earns respectable rates. Even for the experienced writer, Erotica is an excellent place to earn extra income or gain a very respectable resume in editing, publishing, or writing for a wide variety of genres. Erotica today is also a widely diverse field, from the typical "men's" magazines to the humorous cutting edge glossy, book or website. In this workshop, receive:

* A current and comprehensive listing of markets for erotic short stories and short novels
* Lessons in how to tailor stories for certain markets and interest groups
* How to avoid common mistakes in erotic fiction * Realistic expectations of current market payment rates and contracts.

Saturday, 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM; 1 session on March 18, 2006
Cost $49, Materials Fee $0


Writing For Your Sex Life [520061] Enhance Your Sexuality Through Creative Writing What's the secret to having a healthy, pleasurable sex life? In this groundbreaking class by two erotic masters, learn that it may very well be writing erotica. Through a provocative, informative lecture, as well as some fun and interesting literary exercises, Sage Vivant and M. Christian show you how to discover your hidden sexual potential through the power of creative erotic writing. By using your own imagination and the written word, learn:
• How to tap into your sensuality
• New methods of erotic visualization
• Techniques to become more comfortable with erotic feelings and fantasies
• How to overcome obstacles in your sexual exploration.

Saturday, 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM; 1 session on March 18, 2006
Cost $49, Materials Fee $0

Running Dry Interview

Tom Cardamone interviews me about my first novel, Running Dry, on the always-excellent Velvet Mafia. There's even an excerpt.