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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Awwww ...

This is very sweet: my great pal, Ralph Greco, Jr., who I had a fantastic time hanging out with at the recent Cybernet Expo, just posted a reminiscence about it on the Another Radio Dentata site. Check it out here.

I gladly left the heat of NJ for the 57 degrees of a San Francisco ‘summer’. Touching down at S.F.O. and whisked right to the hotel on Van Ness I wasn’t in my room more than an hour before jumping down to meet my buds, peers and possible business acquaintances at this year’s Cybernet Expo, 2010.

My second year attending this conference for those of us who write, market, monetize or generally work in the adult industry, literally the first person I ran into was the always smiling, oh-great-scribe M. Christian and we exchanged two hugs (I haven’t seen the guy in a year). I grabbed my badge (though I didn’t really need “no stinking badges”, since I was working the convention this year) and I glad-handed Connor Young, President of Ynot.

This morning of our first day there was a training session on Effective Adult Website Design, another on Worpress then Jay Kopita (Ynot V.P.), put me to work making sure everyone had a badge for our first day’s lunch buffet, paid for by eMerchantPay. The ever wonderful Oceania from even made me a plate that I ate at my post!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I Had A Blast At Cybernet -

Just wanted to toss out a well-deserved bravo to Jay and Connor, the masterful masters of ceremony behind the Cybernet Expo I had the pleasure of attending over the weekend. Thanks guys!

And here's extra thanks out to the other fun folks I met there. Alas, there are far too many to name here but it really was a kick and a half ... can't wait for next year.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

If You're Going To San Francisco -

- wear flowers in your hair, etc, etc, but also try and make it to the Cybernet Expo, where I'll be hanging out and being a part of this really cool panel:
Effective Writing and Blogging for Adult Websites (Industry Insider Series)
Moderator : Frankie Trendler (Radio DenTATA)
Speakers : Ralph Greco (, Sascha Illyvich (, Jean Stine (Sizzler Editions), Brent Martin (AdultForums247), M. Christian (

Much of online communication comes from the written word, yet so many online companies don’t pay enough attention to the vital craft of effective writing. Poor writing or even the complete lack of text can harm your marketing efforts, damage your reputation, and even harm the image of your websites and your company. On the other hand, effective writing can help you close sales, bring you new business opportunities, and drive more traffic to your website. Our team of specialists all write for a living, and each will share his or her knowledge on how to spruce up your blogs, adult websites, and marketing materials to improve results and put your best face forward.

Saturday July 10th, 2:15 PM – 3:00 PM

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey Webmasters: Sales Down? Stay Tuned

As I mentioned, the Cybernet Expo was a real blast and I met some very great folks and made some cool connections, including Jay and Connor of YNOT who put the whole marvelous shindig together. Especially great and cool is that YNOT asked me to put down my thoughts and observations about what adult sites and enterprises can do to increase their audiences.

Here's the intro to what I did, with the rest up here on the YNOT site.

While I was attending Cybernet Expo, presented by the great folks here at YNOT, a common complaint I heard repeatedly was how the paying audience for adult sites has been dropping, dropping, dropping to a dangerously low level.

Yes, we all know that the economy has been seriously depressed and shows very few signs of bouncing back anytime soon, but as I heard tale after tale of how sales have dropped and viewers have vanished, I realized there was a clear solution to keeping viewers, and gaining new ones – a solution that might mean the difference between profits and losses.

And what, I hear you ask, is that solution? What is the secret I have discovered that may keep your adult enterprise in the black rather than the red? What is the key to making your site stand out from the hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors?

Stay tuned, folks. Stay tuned.

But first, an observation: let's face it, men are your audience. Okay, that might not – at first – appear to be a profound observation, but bear with me. The thing with men, you see, is that we all have a pretty simple sexual response; one that's gotten even simpler during these trying economic times. Why pay for adult content when a second's search of the Web can get you whatever you need to get your (ahem) satisfaction? Why pay for the cow when the milk – in the form of huge numbers of sample sites – is not only free but largely satisfying? Even guys with very specific tastes can find whatever they want free of charge, after only a few minutes of search engine sleuthing.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Awwww ....

This is from my new BFF Ralph Greco who I had a great time hanging out with at the Cybernet Expo. Thanks, Ralph!

As my newly-made-but-will-now-be-my-BFF M. Christian pointed out to me, this writer’s thang we writers do is quite a weird thang to do. We sit alone most of the time conjuring up our fantasizes or relating our experiences in the hope of releasing them onto an indifferent public at best, or a critical one at worst, aching for someone to be tickled enough to read us or, the-gods-be-praised, thrilled enough to recommend our ramblings.

Through it all we attempt to eek out a living doing what it is we love to do, but most of us sadly don’t, so we steal moments when were not trying to earn money to buy our daily bread, to do this writing thang as much as we can. Given the above, when two writers meet it is often an interesting scene to say the least. It’s a misery-loves-company situation at the best of times, a knock-out-drag-out competition at the worst. Since what we do we do in private we tend to protect that ‘thang’ we do often times to such a competitive edge that we act more like Mel G. in Thunderdome than we do like regular law abiding citizens. But, for me, at Cybernet this past weekend, and especially meeting the afore mention M. Christian, this wasn’t the case…in fact it was the complete opposite.

I have been to comic, horror, sci-fi cons galore. I actually attended the second- ever Star Trek convention in NYC, the infamous one where they oversold by thousands and there were near riots by Klingons, remember that one? I have been in the music ‘biz’ for as long as I have been writing prose and that is one cut-throat backstage shmooz-til-you-die scene, I tell ya! Cybernet couldn’t have been more different. I felt more a sense of blind acceptance for and from everyone who walked down those Holiday Inn steps than I ever did any kind of a “ok, so who are you, what do you do?” posing. In fact, I happened to speak to Jay and Connor’s female temp (yes, I’m drawn to pretty girls like the proverbial moth-to-flame…and usually end up getting my ego burned) a sweet-faced brunette standing at the bottom of the steps directing us to certain panels and she remarked how wonderful everyone was, how nice and open and smiley the faces around her were and how surprised she was given the nature of the convention. I couldn’t do much more then agree; this was a group of really nice people, made more so because we all shared the nefarious business of a business most people think is nefarious but is anything but. And for a writer at a convention like this, these Theremin®-backed good vibes went a very long way.

It’s not often I discuss what I do, I simply do it. I am not a braggart (or at least hope I’m not) and am usually too embroiled in getting my latest masturbatory fantasy to computer screen while I type with one hand that I don’t have the time to do much else then write. Like everybody else at Cybernet, I was just trying to learn a few things, meet some folk, try to make it through another day with the terrible jet-lag dragging my ass while I stored what little energy I had for the KINK debauchery. Really, my mind was on business for sure, as I know all of us had our mind on business, but it was so damn life-affirming to be with people who not only understood what I did (writers, webmasters, Internet radio programmers, etc.) but who really cared about what I did. I guess, and I hate to admit this cause I really do think of myself as a dour old fuck, but I really do like people.

Along with my partner in crime-and-cookies Lisa, we really were tickled pink to meet all these wonderful folks at Cybernet and feel part of the community. And that M. Christian guy (yeah, yeah, I’ll stop gushing) I couldn’t have met someone I have more in common with if I had written him myself! He was gracious, warm, exuberant, you name the positive attribute the man exhibits it, introducing me, chatting about films, laughing…he is the bomb man! See, the writer’s life doesn’t have to be that locked-away-in-a-garret-bemoaning-a-lost-love existence (but if you got her or him locked in that garret with you, alls the better). You can find these moments, like I did at Cybernet, where you feel the true value of what you do with people whom you come so quickly to value.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just want ...

... to toss out a very enthusiastic/heartfelt thanks to all the great folks I met at the Cybernet expo the other day. It was a blast!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

M.Christian at Cybernet Expo ... More!

I just got word of what I'm going to be doing at the Cybernet Expo (in addition to meeting and hanging out with many cool folks). If you're going, please try and make it to ....
Effective Writing for Adult Websites
June 27, 2009 -- 1:30pm - 2:20pm

As the Internet grows more prominent in the successful operation of adult businesses, the written word likewise gains importance. From fictional stories to blogs, reviews and social interactions, much of the action online happens through the display and transmission of simple text. Effective writing is of tremendous importance to the success of adult Internet businesses, and poor quality writing is a fast way to lose visitors to the competition. This panel discussion will focus exclusively on the importance of writing online, how to write effectively, and what opportunities exist in adult space for talented writers.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

M.Christian at Cybernet Expo

I'm thrilled to be able to say that I'll be attending the Cybernet Expo here in San Francisco, June 25 - 27th. I'll be on several panels and might even be doing a reading and/or a version of my Sex Sells Erotica Writing Class. Keep an eye here - and on the Cybernet Expo site - for more info and my definite schedule.

Here's more info on this very fun, and informative, event:
Owned and operated by, Cybernet Expo is an annual international tradeshow designed exclusively for online business professionals. This year’s show is scheduled to take place from June 25th through June 27th at the Golden Gateway Hotel in downtown San Francisco. The focus of Cybernet Expo is the lucrative adult Internet industry, making this an ideal event for webmasters, online marketers, talent, technology professionals and anyone else with an interest in participating in this rewarding field. Cybernet Expo offers daily seminars and classes designed to teach you how to grow a profitable adult website business. Learn from the best about how to build better websites, shoot effective adult content, and market effectively online. Cybernet Expo also offers special networking events so you can make new business contacts that will last.

In the evenings Cybernet Expo attendees are invited to exclusive industry only parties where they can hang out with adult business leaders and industry talent. Evening parties at Cybernet Expo are second to none, and a great chance to meet new people who work in the rewarding field of adult entertainment. For more information, please visit If you are interested in promoting your company at Cybernet Expo, please contact for details.