Monday, August 24, 2009

Hey Webmasters: Sales Down? Stay Tuned

As I mentioned, the Cybernet Expo was a real blast and I met some very great folks and made some cool connections, including Jay and Connor of YNOT who put the whole marvelous shindig together. Especially great and cool is that YNOT asked me to put down my thoughts and observations about what adult sites and enterprises can do to increase their audiences.

Here's the intro to what I did, with the rest up here on the YNOT site.

While I was attending Cybernet Expo, presented by the great folks here at YNOT, a common complaint I heard repeatedly was how the paying audience for adult sites has been dropping, dropping, dropping to a dangerously low level.

Yes, we all know that the economy has been seriously depressed and shows very few signs of bouncing back anytime soon, but as I heard tale after tale of how sales have dropped and viewers have vanished, I realized there was a clear solution to keeping viewers, and gaining new ones – a solution that might mean the difference between profits and losses.

And what, I hear you ask, is that solution? What is the secret I have discovered that may keep your adult enterprise in the black rather than the red? What is the key to making your site stand out from the hundreds, if not thousands, of competitors?

Stay tuned, folks. Stay tuned.

But first, an observation: let's face it, men are your audience. Okay, that might not – at first – appear to be a profound observation, but bear with me. The thing with men, you see, is that we all have a pretty simple sexual response; one that's gotten even simpler during these trying economic times. Why pay for adult content when a second's search of the Web can get you whatever you need to get your (ahem) satisfaction? Why pay for the cow when the milk – in the form of huge numbers of sample sites – is not only free but largely satisfying? Even guys with very specific tastes can find whatever they want free of charge, after only a few minutes of search engine sleuthing.



billierosie said...

YES! YES! YES! Tell them stories -- tease them with stories. Keep em coming back for more. Dickens knew that. I know that OLIVER TWIST was written for periodicals. If you read his stuff closely, you can spot the cliffhangers, the points where the reader will be grinding his teeth, waiting for the next weeks' issue.


M.Christian said...

Thanks, sweetie - I agree completely! Some of the greatest things written were serialized: STAY TUNED!