Tuesday, September 03, 2013

A Taste of "On The Rooftop" from Von Gutenberg Magazine: All the Words a Rage!

Here's a fun little teasing taste of my superhero fetish story from the extremely-excellent new release from Von Gutenberg Magazine!

You definitely cannot say Internationally known photographer and publisher Erik Von Gutenberg hasn't worked diligently over the past decade to present his unique vision though his quarterly magazine, social media presence and interactive website. Von Gutenberg showcases provocative, cutting edge styles paired with fashion trend reporting and featured writing by acclaimed writers, designers and photographers. Von Gutenberg's brand encompasses everything “fashion, latex, and lifestyle”, says Erik.

Now the Von Gutenberg brand is branching out to publish its first eBook aptly entitled All The Word’s A Rage featuring the same themes such as ‘comic’ ‘steampunk’ and ‘fetish’ that have made Von Gutenberg a world wide read.

“The eBook focuses on the most popular fiction, expert columns, photo-essays, reviews, 'how-to' articles, model interviews and of course the most loved photos from the past 7 issues of the printed magazine and our multitude of blog fashion posts. We combined what our readers enjoyed the most into one best-of-the-best eBook.” explains Erik. “It's perfect for the existing fans and also for those new to the Von Gutenberg brand. It gets them up to speed.”

Erik continues, “We did add one or two pieces commissioned specifically for this eBook to give our regulars some unique content. Being unique is something we always strive toward.” he chuckles. “I think the mix of the old and the new works perfectly to make All the Word’s A Rage a definite one-of-a-kind offering.”

Look for All The Word’s A Rage today on Amazon; For Kindle Fire Readers, at Barnes and Noble for Nook and Apple

Special offer for Apple customers: Buy All The Word’s A Rage for an introductory low price of $4.99 until August 31, 2013 (reg. price: $7.99)
On The Rooftop

Dust flew, sparks – lingering flashes from the ignition and subsequent explosion of a car or two -- streaking along with the debris, up and over the brick-lined rooftop: a brown and firefly storm blasting dramatically up from the street below.

Wiping the back of her hand across her forehead, FoxFire glanced down at the result, seeing far too much of the explosion mixed in with the sweat she'd already worked up ... well, working over Doctor Ghostly's less-than-ghostly thugs.

Her whistle at her realization she'd been standing far too close to the edge of the roof was surprisingly loud, especially against the lingering cacophony that was the last, smoldering remnants of the battle. 

"If I may be so bold," came a voice from behind her, "you performed quite ... effectively, seƱorita.  Bravo!"

"As did you," she said, not immediately turning around.  There was only one man working the circuit who sounded like he could be an announcer for the local Spanish cable channel. 

As The Eel smoothly glided up, weaving in and out and in and out of the forest of dishes and useless aerials, as-always skating elegantly on his near-frictionless shoes, she finally swung a bit to smile at him.  "Always a blast to see you work."

He bowed, deep and smooth, arms swaying out from this lithe, latex-clad, body ever-so.  "A feeling I do hope el doctor's minions also appreciated."

Stepping away from the edge of the roof, also moving between the rusting antennas and the this-way, that-way, cants of the dishes, she flicked her head back towards the dying glow of that last, though still echoing, explosion.  "Oh, I think they'll be talking about tonight for a long time – depending on good behavior, of course."

The Eel grinned, showing the corners of his slickly precise mustache rising in accompaniment to the brightening of his bright blue eyes – or what she could see of them around his classic domino mask.  He canted his thin body to lean back against the battered roof access door.  "Ah, the satisfaction of a job well done.  I take it the ... shall we say, 'heavy hitters' took care of the el doctor?"

FoxFire sighed, catching herself only towards the end of the sound that she might be sounding less-than-professional ... well, she thought immediately after, screw that: "You got that right.  The Big Bomber took him down – subtle as always -- with Razor Wing and Cutter right on his tail."

"Ah, yes," The Eel said, his grin widening by a touch.  "Luckily there are always enough of the fodder for us humbler ones to deal with – and, of course, the usual street delincuente."

Knowing enough Spanish to understand what he meant, FoxFire nodded as she rubbed her forehead again.  With the gesture came a wince from her wrenched shoulder.  "I don't know where he's getting them, but Ghostly's got some higher-class stooges.  That one with the mustache was a real motherfucker."  With the profanity, she blushed.


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