Tuesday, May 04, 2010

At Your Local Library?

My sweet pal, Jason Rubis, just wrote me to say that my erotic science fiction collection, The Bachelor Machine, which is coming out very soon in a new edition by the great folks at Circlet press has been spotted in - of all places - the public library in Reston, Virgina. Makes ya wonder, don't it, what those librarians were thinking when they selected it. Still, it is very cool. I can only hope it's stacked between S for Sex and SF for Science Fiction ....


Jeremy Edwards said...

Very cool indeed to see libraries including erotica (and not just rare, antique erotic manuscripts under lock and key)!

I recently discovered (via a Google alert) that the Cleveland, Ohio, system has oodles of erotic e-books.

M.Christian said...

Porno! In libraries! THESE ARE THE END TIMES!

Either that or a sign that things are finally getting better -