Monday, October 26, 2015

Up Now: 5 Science-Fiction Novels That Pushed The Limits of Sexuality On FutureOfSex!

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This is very, very cool: my grand new article 5 Science-Fiction Novels That Pushed The Limits of Sexuality just went live on the excellent FutureOfSex site!

Here's a tease - for the rest click here.

Erotic visions of the future from renowned sci-fi literature.

Like a lot of genres, science fiction took a bit of time to discover that one special, yet very basic, component of humanity.

Yes, I’m talking about sex.

But unlike mystery, horror, romance, thriller—and every flavor of literature you can name—when these science fiction authors explored eroticism, it didn’t just change that genre. Using visions of the future, they changed the way many people came to look at sex itself.

While there are many writers working today who are exploring sexuality in science fiction (hint, hint), here are five works that I personally feel went way above and far beyond the known limits of both sex and science fiction.

Oh, and be prepared for some very minor plot spoilers—but I promise not to give too much away.


Sally Bend said...

Venus Plus X was an amazing read - difficult at times, but fascinating. The Female Man I did not care for quite so much, but I can see its value.

Season of the Witch blew my mind when I first discovered it, and it remains one of my all-time favorite reads. It's one of those stories that still stands up as an important landmark in sci-fi AND as an enjoyable read.

M. Christian said...

Thanks so much for the GREAT comment! I have the real honor to know Jean Marie - and she's as wonderful a person as she is a writer ;-)