Friday, July 17, 2015

Out Now: The Naughty Victorians MegaBundle: 6 Classics of Victorian Erotica

We all love - and for very good reasons - Victorian Erotica.  Well, here's the first of a very special HUGE (and discount) bundle of some of the finest Victorian adult books - edited by little ol' me - and just released by the amazing folks at Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions.  

Pick up 6 whole Victorian erotic novels for just .99 today!

The Naughty Victorians MegaBundle: 6 Classics of Victorian Erotica
Here are six once-censored classics that capture the sexual proclivities of Victorian England as it really was! Forget their prim and proper exteriors -- beneath the sheets, they were as proliferate and kinky as anyone today!

Here is what one modern scholar says in praise of these must-read books:

"The exploration of Victorian erotica reveals many treasures and pleasures. Not the least is the quality of the writing: so often clear, the action both plausible and pleasurable, the settings strangely familiar yet exotic, and the sex acts so, well, jarring. The period elocutions help establish the era far better then most modern attempts. These books are damn well done, particularly when we focus on the classics that have withstood the test of time.

Included in this bargain priced MegaBundle are six legendary works off Victorian erotica:

My Lustful Adventures
The Education Of Astrid Cane
The Amatory Experiences Of A Surgeon
The Lustful Turk
The Adventures Of Grace And Anna
The Memoirs Of Dolly Morton

Look no further if you want to sample the best of Victorian Erotica. You will find it within these pages!

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