Monday, May 26, 2014

Help Save Roxy!

I've raved about my dear brother many times (deservedly) - but this time I'm asking the great, wide, wonderful world (yeah, I mean you) to hopefully help him out.

You see, his beloved truck, Roxy, has recently suffered a rather catastrophic engine problem ... and he's asking for help.

Check out his Indiegogo campaign here - and here's the campaign info (below).  Drop him a buck of two it you can - I'd appreciate it and I know he would, as well.

I am a 46 year old professional handyman for my local area (s)-From a few blocks away to 60 miles away. I am truly a small business,...its just me. I am up to date, polite, hire local help when needed, have tools, do show show by butt crack, clean up after myself, smoke free and good with pets.

I have it all,..almost: I rent a small cottage, meager expenses, lovely friends, it would be perfect, except my trusty truck has blown her motor..and that has reduced my work to very little, leaving me with little or no income.

My truck is a well maintained 1952 Dodge stakebed truck (see the above picture), I keep her clean and well maintained, and have replaced or rebuilt every part I could and it remained loyal workhorse for the past three years.

Sadly the engine failed beyond repair two months ago, and now it needs a new engine. I simply have no funds to fix her.

This is not a matter of vanity or simply a means of fixing a personal toy. My truck serves me well, it gets me work (because of the appearance), hauls paints, ladders, furniture, plant trimmings, tools, what have you. I have built it to serve my specific needs. It is my workbench, and my most useful tool.

Getting my truck back is giving me back the ability to work. to live, to eat. to be independent again. 

The plan to get me and my important tool back in form is straightforward: 

  • Locate new engine: I have sourced new engines with factory warranty. The reason to go to a new more costly unit rather and a used one is to keep this from happening again.
  • Installation: I have shopped around for the best candidate to put the new motor in. I have researched their reputation and skills.
  • Back to use: I can re-run ads and postings in job referral sites for jobs that can allow me to rebuild by services and finances.

If I have any excess funds I will put towards more tools and advertising

In gratitude I have several useful perks that hopefully you will find of help

In donating you can help one small business, one grow-and in that growing there will be more work for others who need work.

...most important of all you will give me a chance to pay back to others who need help.

Samuel Addison       

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