Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Me, Jan Graham And Truth Or Dare

Jan Graham is not just a great writer but a really fantastic person - just check out the very cool Truth or Dare feature she just did with yers truly for her fun blog:

I'm so excited about today's Truth or Dare because one of my favorite authors of erotica is here to play. It's just like an early Christmas gift for me really. 
M.Christian is here today, answering some tricky questions and opening up with a few personal details that I'm sure you'll be fascinated by, I know I was. For those of you who haven't heard of him before, below is a quick bio about his amazing career. After that he'll tell us why he chose truth over dare today.
M.Christian: I picked truth over dare as I always try to live honestly ... well, as honestly as I can ... that and I have this odd 'thing' about being embarrassed. Sure, I can write, or say, pretty much anything but doingsomething makes me shiver (burrrrrr). 
Hmm, doesn't like being embarrassed, *evil grin*...very tempting but I better behave. Now, lets see what the truth is according to M.Christian. 

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