Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Through The Yellow Hour

Remember my rave about the great time I had with my pal, Ralph Greco, seeing Adam Rapp's Through The Yellow Hour? Well, Ralph has just posted a great review of the very cool play as part of his Short & Sweet NYC column:

Adam Rapp wrote and directs Through The Yellow Hour, yet another arresting night of theatre from the Rattlestick Playrights Theatre. The taut nearly 2 hour one-act, where the world (though the play takes place in a NYC downtown apartment) has been invaded by ‘egg heads’ seemingly maybe Muslim meanies whose identity we never seem to learn. Not that this matters, in fact, as the play progressed I found I didn’t care as much for the details about what had gone on to get Ellen, played spectacularly by Hani Furstenberg-her performance alone should get you out to see this play-locked-in and gun toting in her two room apartment. 
I was left a few times wondering if Mr. Rapp was trying to belabor points as some of the black-outs seemed a little long for the prop pieces and characters that are revealed following them. But generally what you get from Through The Yellow Hour is a taut nearly 2 hour one-act... 

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