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Call for Submissions - Sex in New York City: Tales of Pleasure and Perversity in the Big Apple

Call for Submissions

Sex in New York City
Tales of Pleasure and Perversity in the Big Apple
Edited By Ralph Greco, Jr.

An anthology of stories about the one of the world’s most spectacularly vibrant and decidedly decadent cities.
To be published by Sizzler Editions ( ).

We are looking for stories from new and established authors celebrating one of the busiest-and sexiest-cities on earth. Pulsating with a vibrancy unlike any other location how can one think about New York City without thinking of the orgasm-like rise of steam shooting-up through manholes, men and women jostling their bodies oh-so-close in the dirty bowels of subway cars, of the bright lights and the limos whisking couples who knows where for God knows what?

Writers who live in or have been to The Big Apple now get their chance to take a big bite out of it in any way they choose, using the full expanse of this amazing city’s locations, from Times Square, to the The Village, to clear across to one of the vibrant ethnic enclaves of neighboring boroughs like Brooklyn of Queens.

Sex in New York City, like all Sizzler Editions, is open to submissions featuring all sexual and gender orientations. We seek stories with whatever kind of sex seems true to NYC…and you. From tender romances to the hardest kinks: a naughty canoodle in Saint Patrick’s Cathedral to a high-class dom/client meet in an upper east-side apartment, everything is permissible just as long as NYC is the backdrop. And the folks populating your tales should be as vibrant and unique as this city they have come to play in.
Believable, intriguing characters have always been Sizzler Edition stock-and-trade and we want more of the same for this anthology. As important as the sights and sounds (and smells) of New York City will be to your stories, you’ll need to invest your romps with people we truly care about, people who have something to say-as well as a something naughty to do! Readers need to care about people they come to imagine, only then can we hope to arouse, interest and entertain.

Submissions may be fiction or personal experience, but all submissions must be explicitly erotic.  In short, the sex should be the central focus of your story and not just an incident along the way.

Stories featuring incest, rape, underage characters, homophobia, bestiality, excessive violence, or any portrayal of excrement or urination, will not be considered. If you have questions about whether or not your story may work for this anthology, please contact Ralph Greco, Jr. at with your questions or concerns.

Both previously published and original works will be considered.

Story length: 2,500 to 12,500 words
Deadline for Submissions:
Rights: First North American Anthology Rights
Payment: $25, paid on publication

For anthologies we purchase non-exclusive English language anthology rights throughout the world, for both electronic and print for five years. Author retains all other rights.

a. For e-book editions sold via the Publisher's own website, the royalty is forty percent (40%) of the retail price.
b. For e-book editions sold via other Internet retail outlets, the royalty is twenty-seven percent (27%) of the retail price.
c. For paperback editions sold via Internet retail outlets, the royalty is ten percent (10%) of the retail price.
d. Said royalties shall be paid fifty percent (50%) to the editor and fifty percent (50%) to the writers to be distributed on a prorated basis.
e. All monies paid to authors on publication shall the accounted as an advance. Once the advance is earned out, royalties shall be paid to editor who will disburse them to authors.

Email submissions should be sent in the subject line put: Ralph Greco, Jr. Anthology Submission. File should be in rtf format only, be sure to include contact information on all attachments.)

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