Monday, November 28, 2011


This is so sweet!  My great, great, great pal, billierosie, just posted another of her wonderful articles - this time on fem/dom - and featured excerpts from some fantastic authors ... including little ol' me.

Here's a taste:

Yes, it’s amusing -- it’s meant to be. But for some men and women, it’s a very real scenario. FEM/dom. In a world where traditionally women have had to fight every step of the way, for any sort of real recognition, the right to inherit, the right to vote, the right to have equal pay, even the right to take the initiative in terms of birth control; in the world of the FEM/dom the female dominates the male. 
For some it’s a scenario acted out playfully every few days/weeks/months.; for others, it can be a complete choice of lifestyle. The male is told by the female when he can stand, sit, eat, sleep or speak. She gives orders and he obeys, absolutely. She may control his orgasms. Sex happens when she initiates it; when she gives her permission. And heaven help him if he orgasms before she does!
Here are some extracts of FEM/dom Erotica, from some of the finest writers, penning some of the best of the genre around today.

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