Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My New Job

I've worked with a lot of publishers over the years - and I mean a lot. Some have been pains, a good percentage have been good but only good, while a rare few others have become buddies - and then you have Jean Marie Stine at Renaissance E-Books. Not only has Jean Marie been a fantastic publisher (we've done quite a few books together now) but she is truly a great person and a fantastic friend.

What's even better is that Jean Marie has asked, and I've accepted, to be an Associate Publisher for her and Renaissance E-Books, Sizzler Editions, and PageTurner Books (her other imprints).

Here's the official announcement and thanks again Jean Marie!
As ebook formats, reading devices, and sales, along with the number of authors whose work we publish, have increased significantly over the past two years so has my workload. With the launching of four new ebook reading devices this year, and various time spent interfacing with Sony, Kindle, B&N, etc., in the Spring I found myself falling almost two months behind on my email, while working quite late every night. It was clear something had to be done.

Therefore we have hired M. Christian to work part time to begin with as an Associate Publisher to help take some of the work load off me. He has already begun uploading our books to Fictionwise, from whence they downstream to Barnes and Noble, and is learning how to use a new software we have just acquired that converts an rtf file into six major formats (doing in about ten minutes what it once took me an hour to do in the Paleolithic of ebook publishing). He will also be responsible for mailing out review requests for our PageTurner ebooks, and other aspects of PageTurner promotion and publicity.

M. Christian, or "Chris" as he is known to friends, has the ideal background for becoming a publisher for Renaissance E-Books: Like myself, he is a big science fiction and mystery geek, and knows the classic and contemporary authors as well as I do, and has written more of both than I have. We published the first collection of his sf/f/h this spring. His editorial credentials in erotica are equally strong. An acquisitions consultant for the late Erotica Book Club, he has published over three hundred stories in the field, and edited many anthologies. And he is solidly grounded in mainstream publishing as well, having worked for an independent print business publisher.

Welcome, Chris.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Congratulations—to you and to them!

M.Christian said...

Thanks so much, sweetie!

Cecilia Tan said...

Woo! Congrats!! You're going to be brilliant at REB!

M.Christian said...

(Blush) Thanks, C!