Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wages Of Sin

It always gives me the giggles when people are shocked to find out that I have a day job. The wages of sin (or at least erotica) just aren't enough to live on, even in the more-affordable part of the Bay Area I recently moved to.

People are even more shocked when they hear that not only do I have a job but that it's driving a truck for an organic mushroom company. It's a pretty good gig in many ways: all the mushrooms I want, plenty of exercise, and lots of time to think. But as I drive I can't help but think about two of my favorite flicks: Roadgames and The Wages of Fear. So the next time you're driving around, and a truck passes you buy, think nitroglycerin, Aussie serial killers, or (maybe) me.

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