Monday, December 15, 2008

Pauline Likes "Moving"

My sweet pal, Pauline, just sent me this lovely little review of my story, "Moving" (one of the stories for sale through Logical-Lust). Thanks!

A sultry tale of dominance and submission through bondage, from the delectable pen of M.Christian.

We are lured into the dark world of Syvia's dungeon seductively, as through Christian's protagonist we experience the fulfilment and relief of total obedience to a patient, yet wilfull mistress.

There are no bonds here, just a promise. No whips, no chains; no manacles whips or restraints. No pain. The subject is simply forbidden to move.

It's a journey of self awareness, understanding, learning and resistance.

He's exposed, naked. He can blink; he can breathe and that's it.

It's a gentle story of humility and the freedom of relinquishing control
told in M.Christian's beautiful prose.

An exquisite story.

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