Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I, For One, Choose Chaos Over Worshipping A Bloodthirsty God

From Right Wing Watch:
The Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas of Elijah Ministries passes on a warning from God to the people of San Francisco: "The tragedy of New York and the disaster of New Orleans are merely first fruits of the many woes that will devastate San Francisco and send shockwaves throughout California, America, and the world. God stands poised with his flaming sword ready to strike your city. He is prepared to exchange Sodom and Gomorrah with San Francisco to serve as a warning to all cities and nations of men 'do not follow in their pernicious ways.' Your city will be turned into a scarecrow and used by God as His enemy to warn future generations, lest you repent and turn from your wicked ways of child sacrifice, which is the shedding of innocent blood and homosexuality. You must stuff these abominations back in the closet of illegality and punish these criminal acts as God prescribes or your entire house (city) will collapse upon your wicked heads. With all diligence, take heed to this warning, repent or perish, Christ or chaos."


Sage Vivant said...

Flaming sword?! Isn't that a euphemism for big, throbbing cock? Does the Reverend think we're morons as well as degenerates?

polly said...

The Bishop of Carlilse said much the same vile rubbish, about the floods we had here in the UK this summer. The floods are Gods vengeance on a corrupt society, which condones the venal SIN of homosexulity.


Ain't God, the Reverend and the Bishop got anything better to do?

And, yes, Sage, they do think we're morons!