Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No Insult At All

The very wonderful Jolie du Pre mentioned The Very Bloody Marys on her blog as part of her Iridescence reading tour:
Instead of heading straight to my sister's loft, once I got to New York, I took a cab to Strand. I never miss Strand. I also never miss their racks of dollar books that stretch around the building. I found M. Christian's The Very Bloody Marys and one of my favorite authors - Shirley Jackson's Just An Ordinary Day. M. Christian's didn't have a dollar sticker on it, but I convinced the boy behind the counter to give it to me for a dollar because I love a bargain and I'm willing to fight for one. (No offense to M. Christian. The cost of the book doesn't equal the cost of his talent. I'm just cheap - that's all.)
I just hope that Jolie gets more than a buck's worth of entertainment out of my little novel.


Jolie said...

Actually, I'm doing book reviews now and I can't wait to read it and review it!

With all the traveling I'm doing I'm watching my pennies like crazy. I saw your book on the dollar rack, even though it probably wasn't supposed to be there because there was no red dollar sticker inside of it. But since I found it there, I pleaded my case to the boy behind the counter and he gave in. LOL It's like the time I found an original Gucci bag for 10 bucks!

M.Christian said...

Very cool! Can't wait to hear what you think of it --

I completely understand about those damned pennies. Hell, I haven't paid full price for my reading material for a LONG time :-)