Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Reminder: I'm Performing At Bawdy Storytelling's Gender Blender

(from M.Christian's Classes And Appearances)

Just a reminder, folks, that I'm going to be performing - on stage (gasp) - at the very fun Bawdy Storytelling event tomorrow night in Oakland.

Here's the info on the whens and hows and what-else's:

Gender Blender

The Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, California 94612

Buy your tix here: Bawdy Storytelling’s ‘Gender Blender’

$12 in Advance/$15 at the Door

Storytellers include:
  • Sex Educator & Role Model Reid Mihalko
  • GenderFork founder Sarah Dopp
  • Erotica Author M.Christian
  • More storytellers to come! 
Gender blending, gender hacking, gender mash-up… it all comes down to how you identify – and if not forever, at least for that scene, that night, that cab ride. Because freedom is all about CHOICE, now isn’t it?

This week, Bawdy Storytelling – the Mr. Right in your tighty whities – brings six sexy sagas of genderfucks, drag queens, drag kings, and one-eyed jacks to the stage of the Uptown NightClub in Oakland. These are real stories told by real people and guaranteed to incite, excite, and if you’re so inspired, invite someone home with you to create your very own bawdy story – and then tell us about it. We love the dirty details!

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

A-Touring I Will Go!

(from M.Christian's Queer Imaginings)

This is very, very cool: as part of the release of my best-of-my-best queer erotica, Stroke The Fire, the great Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions have signed me up for a fun blog tour - running from November 25th to December 17th.

Stay tuned for info on what blogs I will be on but for now here's the cool logo the tour-organizer created for me:

Season Of The Witch By Jean Marie Stine

(From M.Christian's Technorotica)

Do not - and I repeat DO NOT - hesitate: rush out and get the brand new edition of Jean Marie Stine's fantastic, and legendary, Season Of The Witch ... in a brand new edition.

I cannot rave enough about this book - and Jean Marie herself: a rare case where the author is not just supremely talented but also a wonderful person!

Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions is beyond proud to be able to bring you - in a brand new edition, the legendary Jean Marie Stine’s celebrated science fiction transgender masterpiece: Season Of The Witch - The Transgender Futuristic Classic! 
She was the first woman he had ever been! An SF transgender classic! Chosen “One of the “Thirty Most Important Science Fiction Novels of the 1960s,” Season of the Witch tells the story of Andre, a man who rapes and murders a woman in a post-apocalyptic future. A dangerously low population has resulted in an end to capital punishment. Instead of execution, Andre has his brain transplanted into his victim’s body, while his own body is given to an aging, brilliant scientist. Andre’s search for his original male body takes him through a series of physically and spiritually disorienting sexual encounters to an unexpected denouement during an Agape ceremony in the temple of a strange, hedonistic cult. No wonder Foundation called the book, “A powerful tale of biological transformation and sexual identity.” Or, that 20th Century Science Fiction Writers hailed itbook as, “A special combination of science fiction and pornographic detail and rhetoric. The quality of the novel artistically justifies this radical strategy.” In 1995 the book was filmed as Synapse (U.K. as Memory Run), introducing its unique mix of transgender and science fiction to a whole new audience. Plus New Afterword.  
Jean Marie Stine has been editor of Galaxy SF and Starblaze Books, and is currently editor of Futures-Past Editions. Her short stories have appeared in numerous publications including Amazing Stories, Galaxy, Pegasus, and SF Sagas, and are collected in Herstory & Other Science Fictions. During the late 1960s she served as personal assistant to Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, working on special projects; and in the 1970s she wrote the now classic, The Prisoner: A Day in the Life, based on the cult television series starring Patrick McGoohan.  
• “Razorblade fiction!” -The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction  
• “Where science fiction is often male chauvinist this might raise male consciousness.” Worlds Beyond: A Critical History of Science Fiction  
• “A good SF book and a rather better novel qua novel. Stine never offers an explicit sexual scene in standard cliché pornographical terms — each one of his descriptions brings a personal and original observation into play. Many of these observations are not erotic — they may even strike some readers as anti-erotic — but they ring with truth. A genuine work of erotic realism, written far above the standards of pornography. The body of the novel lies in the male protagonist’s response to biological and physical constraints and the transformation of his personality forced upon him by his female body. Effective…rich…rewarding…engrossing and unusual… littered with genuine insights.” Ted White, editor, Heavy Metal  
• “What happens to a man’s mind in a woman’s body? Stine makes you inhabit that mind and slowly, imperceptibly, 
absorbs you into the existence of a woman until you as a man no longer exist. You become a woman, different from the one you raped and killed, and a better woman, at the end. Stine is a remarkable writer both for style, which is turgid with evocative detail and intense psychological insight, and for use of the second-person technique, which in fiction is used very infrequently, but which is required for the Punishment and Retribution parts in this book. There is eroticism in the book. The sex act is the most important sphere of life for this book, for Stine, for you, in the working out of the changes of psyche involved. …and it is there that Stine takes you to show the subtle altering of man to woman in the body of Josette Kovacs, deceased. If four-letter words bother you, don’t read this book. But then, perhaps you are precisely the person who should read it!” Science Fiction Review  
• “Passion, pain, real pluck … a good eye for physical detail and a strong feeling for the human predicament.” Fritz Leiber, Fantastic

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Tweet Tweet Tweet

Even though I have sincere doubts as to its effectiveness but, honestly, can't really say anything, really until I've tried it...

Which is a kind of convoluted way of saying that - ta da - I am now on Twitter.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

More Von Gutenberg

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Remember how I mentioned how absolutely thrilled I am to have an article on steampunk in the brand new Von Gutenberg fetish fashion app?  Well, here are a few very lovely - and very fetishy - images from the app.


(from M.Christian's Queer Imaginings)

This is a nice little Halloween Treat: the very cool Jan Graham gave my queer vampire/horror/comedy, The Very Bloody Marys, a nice little mention on her blog:
I don't always read romances, although they are one of my fav genres. It's just that sometimes a girl needs a little more excitement, something different to dwell on rather than a HEA tale. What book could better at Halloween than, a queer vampire horror story with a touch of erotica thrown in. I was in my element, tucked up in bed, lights out, reading a bloody vampire tale. I still haven't finished it but I love the way this author writes. His books always make me think, there's usually some kind of twist in the plot and I never know what to expect when I read one of M.Christian's stories. So if you want to take a look at what I'm reading, there is a little blurb below and to find out more about the book or to buy it just scroll over the title...

The Very Bloody Marys by M.Christian
A gang of Vespa-riding vampires are killing San Franciscans so indiscriminately they threaten to not only drain the city dry--but risk the discovery of vampires everywhere. Gay vampire cop Valentino is called upon to stop the group calling themselves The Very Bloody Marys before the situation gets worse. Unfortunately, it already has. You see, Valentino is still only a trainee who is in way over his head now that Pogue, his mentor, is missing. And this brutal gang is tough, smart, and very, very bloodthirsty.