Friday, November 25, 2005

Best of Both Worlds Rave Review

From FRM Magazine in the UK:

Hidden behind a rather bland cover which feels strangely reminiscent of a Gap advert lurks a provocative collection of bisexual erotica put together by two of the most respected editors in their field, Sage Vivant and M. Christian. With bisexuals often being regarded as neither one thing or the other by straight or gay folk alike, this collection off confessional essays and hot fiction aims to give a real insight into what it’s like to love and lust after both sexes ….

… This collection swings two ways – between good and better!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sage & MJ Rose & I

The fabulous MJ Rose recently asked Sage and I to comment on the trials and tribulations of marketing erotica. Check out what we said on MJ's site.

My second Erotica Sells Class ... in December

For the beginning writer, Erotica can be just the place to start, and -best of all-- it earns respectable rates. Even for the experienced writer, Erotica is an excellent place to earn extra income or gain a very respectable resume in editing, publishing, or writing for a wide variety of genres. Erotica today is also a widely diverse field, from the typical "men's" magazines to the humorous cutting edge glossy, book or website.

You will receive: * A current and comprehensive listing of markets for erotic short stories and short novels * Lessons in how to tailor stories for certain markets and interest groups * How to avoid common mistakes in erotic fiction * Realistic expectations of current market payment rates and contracts.

M. Christian is the author of the critically– acclaimed and bestselling collections Dirty Words, Speaking Parts, and The Bachelor Machine. He is the editor of 20 anthologies including Amazons, Confessions, and Garden of Perverse (all with Sage Vivant). His short fiction has appeared in over 200 publications.
Course 0406SF, Section W
Monday, December 19, 2005 from 06:45 PM to 09:30 PM
Location: Downtown
US $ 49.99 / $ 44.99 VIP Members

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Confessions is Out!

Yay! CONFESSIONS: ADMISSIONS OF SEXUAL GUILT is now available. You can order it online or get it in your favorite bookstore. It's got a fabulous introduction from author M.J. Rose, who also provided Sage Vivant and I with an excerpt from her novel, THE HALO EFFECT.